Links of Interest


Meritorious Websites

Karen Fisher's site

Jon Clinch's site

Lee Smith's site

Jake Mills's article about dead mules

The author's page on the Random House site

The Kirkus piece that notices Cataloochee

Krazy Kat

The local Habitat affiliate

Official Government site for the Park

Library of Congress site with old maps

Art Stupka's book on critters and plants in the Park

Ambiance Interiors - life's too short not to be comfortable


History & Memoir

Margaret Lynn Brown, The Wild East: A Biography of the Great Smoky Mountains, 2000. The best contemporary account of the subject, perhaps the best, period.


Hattie Caldwell Davis, Cataloochee Valley: Vanished Settlements of the Great Smoky Mountains, 1997. A collection of family tales and photographs.


Michael Frome, Strangers in High Places: The Story of the Great Smoky Mountains, 1980. Originally published in 1966, it is a little dated, but still valuable.


Horace Kephart, Our Southern Highlanders, 1984. Originally published in 1913, it is quirky (like its author) and somewhat stereotypical, but still valuable.


Elizabeth Powers with Mark Hannah, Cataloochee: Lost Settlement of the Smokies, 1982. A rare book, it records conversations with many Cataloochee natives. Mark Hannah was the first ranger there.